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Talking about the advantages and disadvantages of TPE, TPR, TPU caster materials and how to choose materials
Some customers come to our company to buy caster materials. Since they are new contacts and don't know the materials very well, the author recommends suitable caster materials according to their needs. The most common caster materials on the market are TPE, TPR, TPU, etc. The following author will talk about how to choose TPE, TPR, TPU caster materials and their advantages and disadvantages. Features of TPE caster material: excellent wear resistance, elasticity, shock absorption and low noise performance, excellent adhesion with hard plastic, environmentally friendly and non-toxic; excellent load-bearing, can be molded with PA, PP hard plastic. Suitable for luggage wheels, cart wheels, industrial casters. TPR caster material characteristics: In a sense, TPR is TPE (polystyrene elastomer category). Its advantages are similar to TPE, but TPR is based on SBS, which is more elastic than TPE, but its wear resistance is not better than TPE. The price of TPR is lower than that of TPE, and it can also be molded with PA and PP hard plastics. Suitable for heavy duty industrial casters. TPU caster material characteristics: TPU has the highest wear resistance, oil resistance, good elasticity, good load-bearing capacity, loud noise during operation, and longest service life. It is suitable for luggage wheels and various industrial casters, but TPU is not resistant to hydrolysis. How to choose the above three caster materials? Different materials have their own advantages, and it cannot be said which material is the best. It mainly depends on the use of the product and the positioning of the product to determine the selection of materials. TPE caster materials are relatively small, and the price is moderate. The most used ones are TPR and TPU. If you need good wear resistance, of course, TPU caster material is the best choice. If you choose a lower price, TPR caster material is the most suitable. If you want to know more about the detailed quotation of caster material, please consult manager Deng 88074002!
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Market research on China's precision injection molding products industry
1. Competitive landscape of precision injection molding products industry Precision injection molding products are widely used, and customers in different application fields have different requirements for injection molding products, and the requirements for R&D capabilities, technical strength, forming processes and management levels of manufacturers have certain differences. In this context, injection molding products The industry is in a state of dislocation competition. In the same field, enterprises with strong R&D capabilities, technical strength, forming technology, production scale and management level can better guarantee product quality and delivery cycle, and obtain more downstream customers, especially market orders from multinational companies. It is in an advantageous position in the industry competition; while most small and medium-sized enterprises are limited by their own technical level and production capacity, they can only participate in the competition in the low-end market. 2. Trends and reasons for changes in industry profit levels There are many types of precision injection molding products, and the profit levels of different segments of the industry are not the same. In contrast, the technical level of the injection mold manufacturing industry is relatively high, and its overall profit level is relatively high. The trend of profit changes in the injection molding products industry is mainly affected by factors such as market supply and demand, fluctuations in raw material prices, rising labor costs, changes in sales prices, mold precision, product structure and market competition. Generally speaking, when new downstream products are in the introduction period, the sales price is higher, the industry profit margin is larger, and the profit margin of the supporting injection molding products is relatively higher. Good and stable customer relationships have created sufficient business opportunities for manufacturers of precision injection molding products with leading technology and stable supply. With the continuous influx of new orders, the overall profit margin of industry-leading companies will remain at a relatively stable level.
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Forecast and analysis of the market size of China's auto parts industry in 2022
China Business Intelligence Network News: Auto parts, as the foundation of the auto industry, are a necessary factor to support the sustainable and healthy development of the auto industry. In recent years, the auto parts industry has developed rapidly, the market scale has expanded, the import and export amount has increased, and the number of auto parts companies has increased. Auto parts market expands With the rapid development of China's auto industry, the increase in car ownership and the expansion of the auto parts market, my country's auto parts industry has developed rapidly, and the overall growth rate is higher than that of my country's vehicle industry. The data shows that the sales revenue of auto parts in my country has increased from 3.46 trillion yuan in 2016 to 4.57 trillion yuan in 2020, with an average annual compound growth rate of 7.2%. It is expected that my country's auto parts sales revenue will reach 4.9 trillion yuan in 2021. In 2022, my country's auto parts sales revenue will reach 5.2 trillion yuan. Data source: China Automobile Association, China Business Industry Research Institute Auto parts trade surplus widens In recent years, the import and export value of China's auto parts and components has shown an increasing trend. In 2021, the import value of China's auto parts is 37.644 billion US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 15.9%. The export value was 75.568 billion US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 33.7%. The trade surplus was US$37.924 billion, a year-on-year increase of US$13.853 billion. Data source: Compiled by the General Administration of Customs and China Business Industry Research Institute Increase in auto parts companies In recent years, the number of registrations of auto parts-related enterprises in my country has continued to grow, and the number of registered auto parts-related enterprises in 2020-2021 will exceed 100,000. In 2021, the registration volume of auto parts-related enterprises will be 165,000, a year-on-year increase of 64.8%. It is expected that in 2022, the number of registered auto parts related companies in China will exceed 200,000.
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Analysis of the competition pattern of China's plastic parts industry in 2022
Plastic parts are a general term for spare parts with plastic as the main material. They are application-oriented and penetrate into different downstream application fields with rich product categories. They are an important part of downstream terminal products in terms of appearance, function, structure, etc. . Competitive landscape of plastic parts industry 1. Multi-dimensional competition in the industry, customer structure determines market position The molding process of plastic parts usually needs to be completed by molds, and plastic parts with different specifications, materials and performances are suitable for different molds. In order to ensure the quality of parts, molds need to be comprehensively considered in the process of design, development, and debugging. Material properties, Processing technology, processing equipment, production environment and other factors, and timely technical support to customers, so the plastic parts industry competes in multiple dimensions such as mold design and development, parts production and technical support. The multi-dimensional industry competition relationship makes plastic parts companies with leading comprehensive strength occupy a dominant position in the industry competition, while plastic parts companies with weak comprehensive strength compete fiercely in the low-end field. 2. There is sufficient competition in industry segments, and product quality is the key to competition Due to the complex and diverse types of plastic parts and the wide range of downstream applications, companies in the industry mainly compete in their respective sub-fields, and cross-field competition rarely occurs. Plastic parts need to meet the needs of different application scenarios, so they are mostly customized production, that is, custom-developed molding molds first, and then mass-produced according to the molds. This feature makes downstream customers pay special attention to quality factors such as plastic parts yield, durability, stability, etc., especially functional parts with high use value requirements, the quality of which directly affects the normal use of end products, and may even affect User security. Therefore, product quality competition has become the key to the competition of plastic parts companies in their respective subdivisions. The cooperation between plastic parts companies that have long focused on subdivisions and downstream customers is relatively stable, and customers' recognition and satisfaction with product quality determine plastic parts. The competitive position of the manufacturer in the market. 3. The market concentration is low, and the middle and low-end products are homogenized According to the statistics of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, there are currently more than 100,000 enterprises in my country's plastic products industry, with a total production value of plastic products of more than 2 trillion yuan. In 2018, there were 15,571 enterprises above designated size in my country's plastic products industry, of which there were 4,361 enterprises above designated size for plastic parts and other plastic products, and the market share of the top ten companies accounted for only 5% of the entire industry. Although the pace of structural adjustment in the industry continues to accelerate, the current plastic parts market is still dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises, and the core competitiveness of products is not strong.
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Auto parts are expected to become the main investment direction of the industry's next production cycle!
The auto industry is picking up, and auto parts companies have orders until the end of June. Which companies will break out? After three consecutive years of decline, China's auto market will finally return to positive growth in 2021, with new energy vehicle sales increasing significantly. The recovery of the automobile industry has also brought a large number of orders to related parts companies. An auto parts factory in Chongqing now has a daily production capacity of more than 1,000 units, and orders have been placed in June. Among the track stocks, the callbacks of photovoltaics, lithium batteries, and wind power have all fallen to the vicinity of the annual line, which is indeed quite miserable! However, auto parts are relatively strong, and they stabilized after returning to the half-year line, and it was not so bad. So what are the factors behind this? The main reason is that the increase in auto parts itself is not large, and the model is similar to the shovel industry. As long as new energy vehicles are developing, there will be a lot of room for growth! Then, what about the next auto parts, we will analyze it from the perspective of industry logic and prosperity: 1. my country's automobile production and sales data ended the downward trend for three consecutive years. Before, due to the increase in prices of bulk, raw materials, and freight, the cost of the auto parts industry rose sharply. At the same time, the production and sales of the terminal passenger car market was under pressure due to lack of cores. This year The overall performance in the third quarter was poor. After entering the fourth quarter, automobile production and sales continued to recover. 2. The total sales volume in 2022 is expected to increase by about 5% year-on-year. According to estimates, the domestic sales of new energy vehicles this year will reach 5.5 million to 6 million! The data is considerable. The expectation of improvement in the downstream auto industry means that the auto parts sector is still highly prosperous. 3. With the advancement of the wave of intelligent electrification of automobiles, the industry order has been reshaped, and the next is the golden decade for the development of the automobile industry. The parts sector has ushered in opportunities, the traditional track continues to enjoy marginal improvements, and the new track provides sufficient performance. 4. The improvement in the supply of chips will bring about the demand for replenishment of the passenger car industry. In the future, with the recovery of the downstream economy, the industry will enter the replenishment cycle, and the industry replenishment will drive the revenue growth rate of the parts industry to rise. In addition, the cost of raw materials and freight has dropped, and auto parts are expected to become the main investment direction of the industry's next production cycle, and leading enterprises are expected to be born. Parts companies with greater operating leverage have greater flexibility in performance.
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Characteristics of ABS plastic
ABS plastic is a terpolymer of three monomers of acrylonitrile (A), butadiene (B) and styrene (S). The relative content of the three monomers can be changed arbitrarily to make various resins. ABS plastic has the common properties of three components, A makes it resistant to chemical corrosion, heat resistance, and has a certain surface hardness, B makes it have high elasticity and toughness, and S makes it have the processing and molding characteristics of thermoplastics and improve electrical properties. performance. Therefore, ABS plastic is a kind of "tough, hard and rigid" material with easily available raw materials, good comprehensive performance, low price and wide application. ABS plastic has been widely used in machinery, electrical, textile, automobile, aircraft, ship and other manufacturing industries and chemical industry.
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